Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Business Analyst Interview Questions

There are various steps involved in the recruitment process. Initially, you have to write a resume describing your job specific details. After submitting the resume and getting shortlisted for the interview, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself for the interview. Here we provide you some business analyst interview questions to help you face the job interview effectively.

When you are appearing for any job interview, it is always good to prepare yourself before you appear in front of the interviewer. People are many times afraid of facing the job interviews and preparing yourself with some basic interview questions will definitely boost up your confidence level.

Business Analyst

Business analyst is an important position in any organization. The major role of these analysts is to understand the business process in the company and determine the natural business flow. They are also responsible for making any changes in the business processes if required. These processes will decide the future of the business, whether it succeeds or fails.

Business analyst should have complete knowledge of the business strategies and they should be able to take necessary action or change the processes to benefit the company and raise the business. They ensure proper functioning of all the business processes. If the organization is not doing well, business analysts can come up with the new ideas or new processes to improve the business functionality.

When you are appearing for the business analyst interview, you can prepare yourself for the same before the meeting. There are many common questions that employers may ask for any type of interview. For example, every employer will ask you to tell something about yourself. Most interviewers also ask about your knowledge regarding the company. There are many such commonly asked interview questions. Prepare yourself for answering these questions. This will surely benefit you in your interview.

Also it is important to have the basic knowledge of the job position you are applying for. Know what type of work profile you are applying for and what work you will have to do there. Employer will definitely ask you questions regarding your field. Hence, know the basics and grab the opportunity. Below are some business analyst interview questions to help you in your interview when applying for this position.

Business Analyst Interview Questions

Q: What is the purpose of flow chart?
A: This is generally the first question asked by the employer. You can explain to the employer that flow chart is the method of representing the business process graphically. Graphical representation makes it much easier for people to understand the process.

Q: What is the case model?
A: Case model or a case diagram provides vibrant details of the business environment. It can also be said as the number of events that are part of the business process.

Q: What is UML modeling?
A: UML is the acronym used for unified modeling language. This language deals with the construction, visualization and documentation of the components used for any system.

Q: What do you mean by alternate flow in use care?
A: It is the series of events that fall into place when there is failure in the system and expected results are not achieved.

Apart from these basic questions, the employer can ask many other questions depending on your job profile. Prepare yourself well for answering these interview questions and get noticed by the employer.