Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Interview Tips on How to Face Your First Interview

Out from the college, when you apply for the first job and appear for the interview for the first time, it is obvious that you are afraid of facing the employers. When you appear for the interview with this fear in your mind, you certainly do not perform well. Initial preparation can help you remove this fear from your mind and gain confidence. There are several interview questions common for all job positions. Interviewer will obviously ask these questions to you also. Stay prepared for answering these simple questions. Providing necessary answers to them will generate confidence in your mind that can help you further in your interview. 

Basic Interview Tips
When you are appearing for the personal interview for the first time, it is important to follow some basic tips.
  • Don’t be late for the interview. Arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time
  • Greet the interviewer by his/her last name
  • Let the employer start the conversation
  • When employer asks about yourself, focus on your background. Do talk about your professional details but don’t go much in to details
  • Focus on your achievements and  job relevant skills
  • Display your interest in the job
  • Carry an extra copy of your CV when going for the interview
  • Provide explanation to the questions. Do not answer just in ‘yes’ or ‘no’
These are some basic tips to follow when you are appearing for your first personal interview. Apart from these tips, there are several questions that employers ask. These questions are generally asked for all types of jobs. You can prepare yourself well for answering these questions. Here we provide you such common interview questions to help you face your first job interview confidently. 

Interview Questions 

Tell us about yourself
This is generally the first question of every interview. Asking this question, employer wants to know about your background as well has he checks your communication skills. Introduce yourself effectively to the employer. Talk about your personal details and give overview of your professional details.

Why are you looking for a job change?
When employer asks this question, they want to know your objective behind your job change. Never say that you want to change your job for getting better pay. Instead, you can say that you want to advance in your career and obtain  a better position to utilize and learn new job skills. 

What do you know about this company?
Employers always like the candidates those have prior knowledge about the company. Answering this question needs prior research. You must have researched before appearing for the interview to know the work profile of the company. 

Why do you want to work in this particular company?
This question is directly related to the previous question. Any research made by you must have led you to the conclusion of working in the company. List your career goals and explain to the interviewer what you aim to achieve while benefiting the company.
Apart from these basic questions, there are many others asked by the interviewer during the interview. Some of them are –
  • Why do you consider yourself suitable for this position?
  • What interests you about this position?
  • What are your skills relevant to the applied position?
  • Can you handle the workload if you are hired?

Stay ready with appropriate answers for these questions. You will surely perform well if you do initial preparation.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Technical Phone Interview Questions and Tips

Interview is generally the final step of the employment process. Employers sometimes may conduct phone interview before the personal interview to cut down the list of eligible candidates and filter out the most appropriate ones. This saves time of interviewers as well as candidates. Most employers today are giving a call to the shortlisted candidates for a telephonic interview. Like in a personal interview, employers will ask some common questions in the phone interview. You can stay prepared for answering these phone interview questions and impress the employers with your effective communication skills. Here we discuss the basic tips for technical phone interview and some interview questions. 

Technical Interview Tips 

For the technical interview, employers will ask you technical questions related to your field. You should be familiar and well equipped with the details and basics related to the field. Following are some basic tips that one must follow when appearing for the technical interview:
  • Getting Ready 
            1] Make sure that the phone is fully charged.
2] Have a paper, pen and a copy of your CV at hand.
  • Receive the call in a quiet area of the house where there are no kids, sound of vehicles, etc.
  • Listen to the interviewer carefully and answer the questions accurately
  • Stay prepared to provide the summary of your technical details to the interviewer
  • If you do not understand the question, ask them to repeat it
  • Be enthusiastic and ask the employer about the client location and project duration
  • Ask for the feedback from the interviewer after the interview
  • Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview

Technical Phone Interview Questions 

The interview questions for technical positions depend on the job you are applying for. There are various technical positions. Suppose you are applying for a network administrator position or a Java developer position, the technical questions asked for both of them will be different. Here we discuss some phone interview questions for different technical fields. 

SQL Questions
  • Explain denormalization. Why is it used?
  • What do you mean by inner join and outer join?
C# Questions
  • What do you mean by delegates?
  • What is the difference between delegates and events?
  • What do you mean by lamda expression and closure?
  • What is the meaning of function BeginInvoke and EndInvoke?
Data Structure
  • What data structure can you use for implementing a dictionary?
  • What are various techniques of resolving Hashtable collision?
  • State the difference between TCP and UDP.
  • How can you troubleshoot the computer connectivity issue?
XML Questions
  • How can you authenticate an XML document?
  • What is the basic difference between XSD and DTD?
  • What are the types of Parsers in XML?
  • State the difference between attribute and an element.
Know what position you are applying for and prepare yourself for the corresponding technical questions. Make sure that the answers provided by you are accurate and precise. Do not answer the questions if you are not sure. Be polite and confident while answering the questions.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Important Interview Tips and Techniques

Many people are afraid of facing the job interviews and consider it as a nerve-wracking process. Due to lack of confidence they perform poorly in the interview and lose the job opportunity. Interview is generally the final step of selection for a job. After reaching this far, you won't want to lose the chance. You must prepare yourself well to appear for the interview. Follow some important interview tips and implement the interview techniques to gain confidence and clear your job interview. 

Interview Tips and Techniques

Following are some important tips to follow before you appear for any interview. 

Appropriate Dress Code
Select the proper outfit for your interview. You need to look focused and confident during your interview. Your attire will help in reflecting your confidence. Choose the proper attire depending on the industry and job you are applying for. Wear the clothes that you are comfortable in. 

Be on Time
Do not make a mistake by arriving late at the interview venue. Always be before time. Leave from home as early as possible. You may not know what problem may arise on the way, hence, it is good to start early. 

Behave politely throughout the interview. When you enter the interview room, greet the interviewers and ask for the permission to sit on the chair. Sit straight and do not cross your legs or fingers during the whole meeting.

Employers will appreciate the candidate having information about the company’s work profile and applied position. At the time of the interview, employers generally ask the candidates about their knowledge regarding the company. Showing them that you have adequate knowledge about the company will definitely impress them. Make sufficient research about the company’s background before you apply for the job. 

Prepare yourself for Common Interview Questions
There are certain interview questions those are common for all type of interviews. For example, “introduce yourself”, “where do you find yourself after 5 years working in the XYZ position?”, etc. Staying prepared for answering such questions will definitely help you. 

Display Enthusiasm
A firm handshake and eye contact will display your confidence to the employer. Show your interest in the job position. This can be done by asking questions related to your prospective job. This will also show that you have made sufficient research about the company and you are eager to know more about the job profile. 

Listen Carefully
You must listen carefully to the employer during the interview and do not interrupt when they are talking or asking questions. Interrupting in between will create a bad impact on the employer. Many people neglect this interview skill and consider it least important. 

Give Appropriate Answers
Provide appropriate and acceptable answers to the questions asked. Do not answer if you are not sure or do not provide vague or unclear answers. Understand the question properly or ask for further clarification. 

Provide Examples
If the employers ask you about your skills, you can explain with how your skills can help you in your work. You can explain them any particular situation in the past where you used your skills to troubleshoot the problem and work efficiently. 

Follow the above interview techniques to impress the employers and get noticed from the crowd.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Group Interview Tips and Etiquette

Group interviews generally involve meeting the interviewer with some other candidates. You may face one or more number of interviewers during these group interviews. The purpose of such interview is to save the time wasted in interviewing each and every candidate and compare the personal behavior of the candidate with other candidates, how they interact and communicate with them, etc. Such group interviews are generally conducted for the companies those focus on the team work. Here we discuss some group interview tips and etiquette to help you prepare yourself for these interviews.

Importance of Group Interviews:

These interviews will help the employer to save their time required for interviewing every candidate. It will also help the employers in reviewing the behavior of the applicant with other candidates during such interviews. Employer can also see the communication skills of the applicant and decide whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. Many companies are conducting such interviews due to the numerous advantages.
These interviews are generally conducted to get an idea about the applicant’s perseverance towards the company and his overview about the position. This interview is economical and time saving; it helps the employer to know how an applicant interacts with other candidates. These interviews also include the work simulation exercises. It is the kind of group problem solving session where every candidate has to contribute actively. 

Here are some basic tips to face the group interview successfully. 

Group Interview Tips 

  • You have to follow the etiquette right from the time you enter the room till you leave the interview room. Make sure that your body language is confident and you stand up straight. Do not cross the arms or fingers during the interview
  • Before you begin the interview, introduce yourself to the other candidates
  • In such group interviews, you are generally given a topic to speak on and debate on it. Discuss your views and ideas on it and listen to other candidates as well. Be an active participant rather than being a mere observer
  • Stay confident but avoid being aggressive
  • Do not interrupt other candidate while they are expressing their views and do not dominate the conversation
  • Give your feedback constructively
  • Acknowledge the valuable contribution from other applicants
  • Stay confident during the complete interview and give relevant and to the point answers to the questions asked
  • As there are many candidates involved in the discussion, someone may have the same point of view as you want to discuss. In this case, you need to think of the statement that adds to this point. This will display your active listening skills and tell to the employer that you are capable of thinking on your feet
  • You need to stay ready with the questions you want to ask the employer. At some point during or after the interview, employer may ask you whether you have any questions. If you are ready with the list of intuitive questions, you will definitely stand ahead of other candidates
It is important to make adequate research before you appear for such group interviews. Research for the information of the company profile and follow the group interview tips to help you during the meeting.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Interview Tips - How to Make a Good First Impression

Job interview is generally the last hurdle between you and your dream job. Reaching this stage, you will not want to lose an opportunity. You need to create a positive impression on the interviewer during the interview. Most employers will judge the applicants within few minutes. Staying prepared for the interview will definitely help you to make an impressive impact on the employer. You must follow the interview tips to know how to prepare yourself for the interview. If you are appearing for the interview for the first time, you need to prepare yourself confidently.

How to Prepare for the Interview?

Following are the interview tips to help you prepare for your meeting with the recruiter. 

Sufficient research about the company and your applied job profile will surely prove helpful to you. Before making an application, visit the company website and know about the company profile and its history. Employer will definitely be happy after knowing your knowledge about the company. Also, know the qualifications and other requirements of the position. 

Clarify your objective to the employer. When employer asks you about your future objective, be specific in describing it and do not provide any vague information. At the time of the interview, stay prepared to answer the employer’s question as to why you want the job and how can you benefit the company if you are selected. 

Interview Questions
It is important to read some interview questions and find the appropriate answers to these questions. Make sure that these answers are appropriate and to the point.

Get good sleep at night before the interview. Make sure that you take healthy meal before you go for the interview. 

Your dressing style will improve your personality. When appearing for the personal interview, dress professionally. Our dressing should match the industry. Make sure that the dress you wear suits your style and you feel comfortable in it. 

These were the  interview tips to help you prepare yourself before you appear for the interview. Now, we provide you some basic interview tips to follow at the time of the interview. 

  • Arriving late at the interview place will create a bad impression about you. If you are unaware of the place, you can start early to locate the company and reach on time
  • As soon as you reach the company, know whom you are supposed to meet in the company
  • When actually your interview starts, listen to the interviewer carefully, make eye contact with them and shake hands. Actively participate in the conversation
  • Defend any weakness in your resume and come prepared before appearing for the interview
  • If you have any doubts regarding the job profile or any other things, get it cleared at the time of the interview
  • Answer the questions honestly and stay confident during the whole interview. Do not say bad things about your previous job. Instead you can genuinely answer why you left your previous job
  • After completion of the interview, thank everyone in the meeting hall. If there are more than two interviewers¸ thank them individually before leaving the room
These basic but important interview tips will definitely help you in creating a good first impression on the prospective employer.
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Business Analyst Interview Questions

There are various steps involved in the recruitment process. Initially, you have to write a resume describing your job specific details. After submitting the resume and getting shortlisted for the interview, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself for the interview. Here we provide you some business analyst interview questions to help you face the job interview effectively.

When you are appearing for any job interview, it is always good to prepare yourself before you appear in front of the interviewer. People are many times afraid of facing the job interviews and preparing yourself with some basic interview questions will definitely boost up your confidence level.

Business Analyst

Business analyst is an important position in any organization. The major role of these analysts is to understand the business process in the company and determine the natural business flow. They are also responsible for making any changes in the business processes if required. These processes will decide the future of the business, whether it succeeds or fails.

Business analyst should have complete knowledge of the business strategies and they should be able to take necessary action or change the processes to benefit the company and raise the business. They ensure proper functioning of all the business processes. If the organization is not doing well, business analysts can come up with the new ideas or new processes to improve the business functionality.

When you are appearing for the business analyst interview, you can prepare yourself for the same before the meeting. There are many common questions that employers may ask for any type of interview. For example, every employer will ask you to tell something about yourself. Most interviewers also ask about your knowledge regarding the company. There are many such commonly asked interview questions. Prepare yourself for answering these questions. This will surely benefit you in your interview.

Also it is important to have the basic knowledge of the job position you are applying for. Know what type of work profile you are applying for and what work you will have to do there. Employer will definitely ask you questions regarding your field. Hence, know the basics and grab the opportunity. Below are some business analyst interview questions to help you in your interview when applying for this position.

Business Analyst Interview Questions

Q: What is the purpose of flow chart?
A: This is generally the first question asked by the employer. You can explain to the employer that flow chart is the method of representing the business process graphically. Graphical representation makes it much easier for people to understand the process.

Q: What is the case model?
A: Case model or a case diagram provides vibrant details of the business environment. It can also be said as the number of events that are part of the business process.

Q: What is UML modeling?
A: UML is the acronym used for unified modeling language. This language deals with the construction, visualization and documentation of the components used for any system.

Q: What do you mean by alternate flow in use care?
A: It is the series of events that fall into place when there is failure in the system and expected results are not achieved.

Apart from these basic questions, the employer can ask many other questions depending on your job profile. Prepare yourself well for answering these interview questions and get noticed by the employer.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Sales Interview Questions

When you are appearing for the sales interview, many sales professionals think that their interpersonal and communication skills will help them clear the interview. But if you don’t prepare for the interview, it will be very difficult for you to clear it. Here we discuss some sales interview questions to help you in your interview.

The person working in the sales department of the company must possess excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal skills for handling the customers. Also the person working in the sales department must have good negotiation skills to negotiate on any product. When appearing for the sales interview, interviewer will check all these skills and then hire you for the position. There are many common questions asked by the employers when appearing for such interviews. Below are some sales job interview questions to help you in your interview.

Sales Interview Questions

Tell us something about yourself?
-Employers want to know about your personal details before starting the conversation. Although they have your resume with them, asking your personal details, they want to check your communication skills. Provide the overview of your details and do not over explain them. Talk about your goals and your desire to join the company.

Tell me about your last three days at work in market?
 -Explain your complete work schedule for last three days to the employer. Describing this, you can explain to the employer how you made effective use of your marketing skills to sell any product. What were the difficulties faced by you and how you overcame these difficulties.

What was the product that you sold during your previous jobs and how did you do it?
-This question is directly related to the previous question. You must describe about your special marketing skills. You need to talk about the things you implemented when selling the product.

What do you think is challenging about marketing?
-State the concepts that you think are challenging in marketing industry. You should be aware of the challenges and risks involved in the new business development and explain them to the interviewer.

What can you do to improve your product or service?

-On this question, you can suggest the improvements for implementing in your company to increase the product sales. Suggest some changes that can benefit the sales rate of the company and bring up maximum profit. You need to focus on customer service for improving the sales. You should have commitment towards improving sales and providing necessary help to the company clients.

Can you sell this pen to me?
-This question is generally asked by every employer when you are appearing for the marketing interview. The product may however vary. You should be quick in picking information of the product and sell it successfully to the employer. Applicant must be good in linguistic skills Smart in product selling technique.

The person working in the sales team has to survey in the market and actually interact with the customers. For effective interaction, they must possess excellent verbal communication skills and strong interpersonal skills. Apart from these common questions, there are many other questions asked by the employers during the interview for sales positions. Refer our site for more interview questions and related answers.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Interview Tips: Phone Interview Tips

 After writing a job winning resume and getting shortlisted for the personal interview, it is your chief responsibility to prepare well for the interview and clear it. Many times employers schedule a telephonic interview before calling you for the face-to-face personal interview. Here we provide you the basic phone interview tips those will be beneficial to you in clearing your telephonic test.

Like in a personal interview, there are many common questions asked by the employer during your telephonic round. Be prepared for these simple and basic questions to make an initial impact  on the interviewer. Telephone round is becoming a vital part of the interview processes. It helps the recruiter to know your communication skills. Most times, interviewers select the candidates on the basis of their performance in these telephonic rounds. Successful telephonic interview will definitely help you in getting the job. Below are some interview tips to help you clear this major round.

Phone Interview Tips:
  • Before spearing for the interview, prepare well for it. Know your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and answer the questions related to it effectively
  • When you are talking about your experiences on the telephone, have your resume in front of you to avoid any vagueness in your words
  • Also take notes of the questions asked by the interviewer and answers given by you
  • Turf off the appliances like TV, radio, mixer, etc. those create background noise creating disturbanceIt is important to respond to the question of the interviewer quickly, but make sure that you provide a relevant answer to the question. Wait for a second, think of the appropriate answer and respond instantly
  • Convey a thank you note after completion of the interview to display your interest in the position
  • Do not eat, chew or smoke during the phone interview
  • While answering the questions, make sure that your answers are relevant and to the point. Do not  say anything that is not relevant to the question asked by the employer
  • Listen to the interviewer carefully. Do not interrupt him in between when he is speaking
  • Keep your answers short and to the point. While keeping them short, make sure that you provide complete answer to the question
Common Interview Questions in Telephonic Interview:

Following are some important questions asked by the interviewer in the phone interview:

  1. Give your introduction
  2. Speak about your hobbies
  3. Why are you interested in this industry?
  4. Why are you interested in working in this company? 
  5. Tell me something about your previous work experiences
  6. Why do you find yourself eligible for this particular position?
  7. How can the company get benefited by selecting you?
  8. Where do you see yourself after five years?

Apart from these basic interview questions, interviewer may also ask the questions related to your core qualifications. You can practice for the interview before actually appearing for the interview. You can also take help of your friend who can interview you asking the same question that employer may ask.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

First Interview Questions Approach

 Wonder how your approach may be when you face the first interview question? For this, you can refer to many tips online and get help from it.

From your high school to your first job interview and so on, the job interview questions are more or less the same. Your each personality aspect and confidence can be made out from the first question itself. Your body language, your dressing style and your comfort, the tone of your voice, etc is judged from your first answer itself. So your approach to the first question has to be very perfect in order to impress the employer at the first stroke. But when you need to be so confident, you should have a thorough understanding of the organization, their vision and you should be able to handle it with your way of answering.

To help you more with answering the first question of the interview, (mostly asked on, tell me about yourself) here are some interview tips for you:

  • Planning is one of the important aspects while answering. You should practice few questions before going for the actual interview. It will help you deal with facing the questions easily. It will also help you highlight your achievements which you would like to mention during the interview. Don’t go too much into all your personal information like kids, husband, parents etc. Brief your answer.

  • Once you have decided about what all information you are going to add in your answer then write it down. Check for grammatical errors in the answer.  So that while speaking you don’t go the wrong way. The idea is to highlight your strengths specifically relevant to job. Start with your name and describe at least 2 professional functions, your strengths applicable to the job etc. Avoid negative statements.

  • Before going, don’t just learn your answer; make it as natural as possible or else the employers are smart enough to make out if you just start from a point to end without stopping. The best time to rehearse is before going to interview. It helps you to keep the ideas in your mind. 

  • When you appear in front of the employer, be sure to take necessary pauses while answering any question. You should be fluent and capable of maintaining a particular speed of talking and in an understandable accent. Your approach has to be mannered and a mix of formal and informal. Thus, dress properly; maintain a positive attitude, tone and pace from your first interview question till the end.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Personal Interview Tips and Etiquettes

A personal interview is where the employer focuses on every aspect.So in order to be presentable and avoid elimination follow some interview tips.

When you write your resume, the constant thought that comes in your mind while writing each word is getting short listed for the interview. You may belong to any field, any industry but once you get selected; the common factor to understand is you have to present yourself extremely well and perfect. There are many interview rounds through which you have to go through. Personal interview is just one of them. So, in order to present yourself in such an environment, you surely need some interview tips. But still before moving on to tips, we should understand what a personal interview means?

Personal interviews are an important part of selection process at several places of jobs and for admissions to professional institutes. The interviewer, during the interview meets the candidate and to check their capacities of working in different fields, skills and levels of experience, a personal interview is needed. Similarly, interviews at educational institutes, candidates are tested on the basis of their confidence level, ability to act under pressure and understanding of the subjects. Hence, following are some of the interview tips to help you with how to present or what approach you have to carry while appearing for the personal interview.

Dress code: When you face the interviewer solely, you have to be very pleasing in terms of personality and your approach. In all kinds of personal interviews, you should dress formally as to look professional. While speaking your confidence should reflect and from your body language as well. Go for simple and light colors while dressing. Avoid the bright colors.

Interview mannerism: Several manners are to be followed while appearing for a personal interview. Knock the door before entering the employer’s cabin and ask for his/her permission to come. Don’t go straight away in the cabin. It looks a very ill-mannered way of behaving.

Other thing to keep in mind is while sitting, ask again for permission or don’t sit unless the employer asks to do so. Keep your bag on the floor and not on the corresponding chair. Sit properly straight with erect back and hands on your lap. Too much of movements will distract the employer’s attention too.
Have patience to listen to the employer and then react calmly. Don’t point out recklessly or speak in between. The amount you speak should not exceed. It should be limited.

Thus, while concluding, it will be better to follow these basic personal interview tips as to be presentable and get your dream job easily.