Thursday, 2 February 2012

MBA Interview Questions

After completing your management course and having applied for the job in any organization, you need to prepare for the personal interview. This preparation will include following the basic interview tips and preparing for the commonly asked interview questions. Here we will discuss the MBA interview questions to help you prepare for your management interview.

MBA Interview Questions

Describe yourself
This is the most common interview question asked during almost all job interviews. You have to present yourself to the employer. Remember that though this is a simple question do not neglect it. Employers already know about you as they are having your resume with them. With this question, they want to see how efficiently you present yourself and promote you in front of the interviewers. If you take it lightly, you may create a bad impression in front of the interviewers which may affect your selection later.

What college you completed your management degree from?
Give the name of the college from where you completed your management studies. It may help you if you have completed your degree from any top ranked institute.

How can you explain your leadership quality?
Explain any incident from the past when you took initiative for completing any particular task. No matter whether it is related to your work or not, your initiative is most important to display your leadership skills. Think of any such situation where you needed to take action for completing the work.

Have you ever come across the situation when you thought of an innovative idea and needed to convince your seniors or colleagues to implement in your work to improve efficiency. How did you convince them?
Working in an organization, you may come up with different innovative ideas that you would like to implement in your work. Implementing these ideas may improve the efficiency of the employees but you first need to convince your seniors and bosses and explain them the positive side of your proposed method. Explain to the interviewers how you convinced your seniors and explained them the rise in the overall performance of the company. Also tell the interviewers about the improvements in the company after implementing your idea. 

Tell us about the challenges you faced during your previous job and how it helped you further in your work?

Discuss the things that you found difficult while working with the pervious company. It can be achieving the targets, market research, maintaining the records, etc. Any such thing you found challenging should be discussed here. Also explain them what measures you undertook for converting these challenges into opportunities.

Explain the situation when you handled any project successfully without any specified leader.
You need strong leadership skills for working in different management positions. Talk of any situation when you completed the assigned project accurately and within time without any specified project leader. This will show that you are efficient to work individually and possess strong leadership quality.

These are some of the basic MBA interview questions. There are many more to go during your interview. Prepare for the questions that you feel employer is likely to ask depending on the applied work profile. Such initial preparation will definitely help you to get the desired job of your choice.
Always keep yourself ready for any interview and do well and stand out in competition.


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