Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Different Types of Job Interview Questions

When we complete our academic sessions and enter the professional field, there are end number of questions which pops up in our mind. We are too confused to deal with them and many of us land ourselves in trouble. This can be hazardous for you and your career as well. To prepare for the best you have to give your best shot and what could be better than preparing yourself for an interview in advance. 

There are many types of frequently asked questions in an interview. The subconscious part of our mind knows those questions, however for some people it is difficult to recall them. So we are here to help you in that tricky area. This article will clear all the air in your mind and provide you with a better solution. 

What an interviewer expects from an interviewee ? 

An interviewer looks out for intelligent and confident candidates. He expects logical answers from candidates and wants him/her to prove his capabilities. For that reason only an interviewer reads the mind of different candidates.

While giving answers to the tricky questions, you must first analyze them in order to beat the best. These are some of the interview techniques. 

Frequently asked question on the basis of nature of the candidate - 

The types of common questions asked in an interview also depends on nature of the candidate that is fresher or experienced candidate. If you are a fresher then the set of questions would be the basic questions. On the other hand, if you an experienced candidate, then the set of questions will vary. 

Usually questions asked from the fresher are the basic questions and to some extent related to the personal level questions. For instance you are first asked to give a short introduction about yourself, your family background, your weaknesses and strength etc. Apart from these, the interviewer also ask you about your hobby and interest areas. 

Experienced candidate, on the other hand, are generally asked about their type of work in the previous organization, the reason for leaving the job and the activities, roles and responsibilities of the previous designation. They are also asked about the expected salary packages and the previous salary package. Often they are also asked about their strength area and weaknesses. 

In this way, you get a ground knowledge about the common types of job interview questions. This knowledge will be of great help for you when you are planning to prepare yourself for an interview. By sorting out and preparing answers to these questions, you will be able to get yourself a good job. All the best and go ahead. 


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  7. great post! I think the most importent job interivew tip in here is the part about waht the interviewr excpect from you. it is the same as marketing, you alwase need to consider your customers...