Thursday, 28 July 2011

Personal Interview Tips and Etiquettes

A personal interview is where the employer focuses on every aspect.So in order to be presentable and avoid elimination follow some interview tips.

When you write your resume, the constant thought that comes in your mind while writing each word is getting short listed for the interview. You may belong to any field, any industry but once you get selected; the common factor to understand is you have to present yourself extremely well and perfect. There are many interview rounds through which you have to go through. Personal interview is just one of them. So, in order to present yourself in such an environment, you surely need some interview tips. But still before moving on to tips, we should understand what a personal interview means?

Personal interviews are an important part of selection process at several places of jobs and for admissions to professional institutes. The interviewer, during the interview meets the candidate and to check their capacities of working in different fields, skills and levels of experience, a personal interview is needed. Similarly, interviews at educational institutes, candidates are tested on the basis of their confidence level, ability to act under pressure and understanding of the subjects. Hence, following are some of the interview tips to help you with how to present or what approach you have to carry while appearing for the personal interview.

Dress code: When you face the interviewer solely, you have to be very pleasing in terms of personality and your approach. In all kinds of personal interviews, you should dress formally as to look professional. While speaking your confidence should reflect and from your body language as well. Go for simple and light colors while dressing. Avoid the bright colors.

Interview mannerism: Several manners are to be followed while appearing for a personal interview. Knock the door before entering the employer’s cabin and ask for his/her permission to come. Don’t go straight away in the cabin. It looks a very ill-mannered way of behaving.

Other thing to keep in mind is while sitting, ask again for permission or don’t sit unless the employer asks to do so. Keep your bag on the floor and not on the corresponding chair. Sit properly straight with erect back and hands on your lap. Too much of movements will distract the employer’s attention too.
Have patience to listen to the employer and then react calmly. Don’t point out recklessly or speak in between. The amount you speak should not exceed. It should be limited.

Thus, while concluding, it will be better to follow these basic personal interview tips as to be presentable and get your dream job easily.