Tuesday, 2 August 2011

First Interview Questions Approach

 Wonder how your approach may be when you face the first interview question? For this, you can refer to many tips online and get help from it.

From your high school to your first job interview and so on, the job interview questions are more or less the same. Your each personality aspect and confidence can be made out from the first question itself. Your body language, your dressing style and your comfort, the tone of your voice, etc is judged from your first answer itself. So your approach to the first question has to be very perfect in order to impress the employer at the first stroke. But when you need to be so confident, you should have a thorough understanding of the organization, their vision and you should be able to handle it with your way of answering.

To help you more with answering the first question of the interview, (mostly asked on, tell me about yourself) here are some interview tips for you:

  • Planning is one of the important aspects while answering. You should practice few questions before going for the actual interview. It will help you deal with facing the questions easily. It will also help you highlight your achievements which you would like to mention during the interview. Don’t go too much into all your personal information like kids, husband, parents etc. Brief your answer.

  • Once you have decided about what all information you are going to add in your answer then write it down. Check for grammatical errors in the answer.  So that while speaking you don’t go the wrong way. The idea is to highlight your strengths specifically relevant to job. Start with your name and describe at least 2 professional functions, your strengths applicable to the job etc. Avoid negative statements.

  • Before going, don’t just learn your answer; make it as natural as possible or else the employers are smart enough to make out if you just start from a point to end without stopping. The best time to rehearse is before going to interview. It helps you to keep the ideas in your mind. 

  • When you appear in front of the employer, be sure to take necessary pauses while answering any question. You should be fluent and capable of maintaining a particular speed of talking and in an understandable accent. Your approach has to be mannered and a mix of formal and informal. Thus, dress properly; maintain a positive attitude, tone and pace from your first interview question till the end.

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