Friday, 19 August 2011

Sales Interview Questions

When you are appearing for the sales interview, many sales professionals think that their interpersonal and communication skills will help them clear the interview. But if you don’t prepare for the interview, it will be very difficult for you to clear it. Here we discuss some sales interview questions to help you in your interview.

The person working in the sales department of the company must possess excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal skills for handling the customers. Also the person working in the sales department must have good negotiation skills to negotiate on any product. When appearing for the sales interview, interviewer will check all these skills and then hire you for the position. There are many common questions asked by the employers when appearing for such interviews. Below are some sales job interview questions to help you in your interview.

Sales Interview Questions

Tell us something about yourself?
-Employers want to know about your personal details before starting the conversation. Although they have your resume with them, asking your personal details, they want to check your communication skills. Provide the overview of your details and do not over explain them. Talk about your goals and your desire to join the company.

Tell me about your last three days at work in market?
 -Explain your complete work schedule for last three days to the employer. Describing this, you can explain to the employer how you made effective use of your marketing skills to sell any product. What were the difficulties faced by you and how you overcame these difficulties.

What was the product that you sold during your previous jobs and how did you do it?
-This question is directly related to the previous question. You must describe about your special marketing skills. You need to talk about the things you implemented when selling the product.

What do you think is challenging about marketing?
-State the concepts that you think are challenging in marketing industry. You should be aware of the challenges and risks involved in the new business development and explain them to the interviewer.

What can you do to improve your product or service?

-On this question, you can suggest the improvements for implementing in your company to increase the product sales. Suggest some changes that can benefit the sales rate of the company and bring up maximum profit. You need to focus on customer service for improving the sales. You should have commitment towards improving sales and providing necessary help to the company clients.

Can you sell this pen to me?
-This question is generally asked by every employer when you are appearing for the marketing interview. The product may however vary. You should be quick in picking information of the product and sell it successfully to the employer. Applicant must be good in linguistic skills Smart in product selling technique.

The person working in the sales team has to survey in the market and actually interact with the customers. For effective interaction, they must possess excellent verbal communication skills and strong interpersonal skills. Apart from these common questions, there are many other questions asked by the employers during the interview for sales positions. Refer our site for more interview questions and related answers.


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