Thursday, 20 October 2011

Group Interview Tips and Etiquette

Group interviews generally involve meeting the interviewer with some other candidates. You may face one or more number of interviewers during these group interviews. The purpose of such interview is to save the time wasted in interviewing each and every candidate and compare the personal behavior of the candidate with other candidates, how they interact and communicate with them, etc. Such group interviews are generally conducted for the companies those focus on the team work. Here we discuss some group interview tips and etiquette to help you prepare yourself for these interviews.

Importance of Group Interviews:

These interviews will help the employer to save their time required for interviewing every candidate. It will also help the employers in reviewing the behavior of the applicant with other candidates during such interviews. Employer can also see the communication skills of the applicant and decide whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. Many companies are conducting such interviews due to the numerous advantages.
These interviews are generally conducted to get an idea about the applicant’s perseverance towards the company and his overview about the position. This interview is economical and time saving; it helps the employer to know how an applicant interacts with other candidates. These interviews also include the work simulation exercises. It is the kind of group problem solving session where every candidate has to contribute actively. 

Here are some basic tips to face the group interview successfully. 

Group Interview Tips 

  • You have to follow the etiquette right from the time you enter the room till you leave the interview room. Make sure that your body language is confident and you stand up straight. Do not cross the arms or fingers during the interview
  • Before you begin the interview, introduce yourself to the other candidates
  • In such group interviews, you are generally given a topic to speak on and debate on it. Discuss your views and ideas on it and listen to other candidates as well. Be an active participant rather than being a mere observer
  • Stay confident but avoid being aggressive
  • Do not interrupt other candidate while they are expressing their views and do not dominate the conversation
  • Give your feedback constructively
  • Acknowledge the valuable contribution from other applicants
  • Stay confident during the complete interview and give relevant and to the point answers to the questions asked
  • As there are many candidates involved in the discussion, someone may have the same point of view as you want to discuss. In this case, you need to think of the statement that adds to this point. This will display your active listening skills and tell to the employer that you are capable of thinking on your feet
  • You need to stay ready with the questions you want to ask the employer. At some point during or after the interview, employer may ask you whether you have any questions. If you are ready with the list of intuitive questions, you will definitely stand ahead of other candidates
It is important to make adequate research before you appear for such group interviews. Research for the information of the company profile and follow the group interview tips to help you during the meeting.

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