Thursday, 6 October 2011

Interview Tips - How to Make a Good First Impression

Job interview is generally the last hurdle between you and your dream job. Reaching this stage, you will not want to lose an opportunity. You need to create a positive impression on the interviewer during the interview. Most employers will judge the applicants within few minutes. Staying prepared for the interview will definitely help you to make an impressive impact on the employer. You must follow the interview tips to know how to prepare yourself for the interview. If you are appearing for the interview for the first time, you need to prepare yourself confidently.

How to Prepare for the Interview?

Following are the interview tips to help you prepare for your meeting with the recruiter. 

Sufficient research about the company and your applied job profile will surely prove helpful to you. Before making an application, visit the company website and know about the company profile and its history. Employer will definitely be happy after knowing your knowledge about the company. Also, know the qualifications and other requirements of the position. 

Clarify your objective to the employer. When employer asks you about your future objective, be specific in describing it and do not provide any vague information. At the time of the interview, stay prepared to answer the employer’s question as to why you want the job and how can you benefit the company if you are selected. 

Interview Questions
It is important to read some interview questions and find the appropriate answers to these questions. Make sure that these answers are appropriate and to the point.

Get good sleep at night before the interview. Make sure that you take healthy meal before you go for the interview. 

Your dressing style will improve your personality. When appearing for the personal interview, dress professionally. Our dressing should match the industry. Make sure that the dress you wear suits your style and you feel comfortable in it. 

These were the  interview tips to help you prepare yourself before you appear for the interview. Now, we provide you some basic interview tips to follow at the time of the interview. 

  • Arriving late at the interview place will create a bad impression about you. If you are unaware of the place, you can start early to locate the company and reach on time
  • As soon as you reach the company, know whom you are supposed to meet in the company
  • When actually your interview starts, listen to the interviewer carefully, make eye contact with them and shake hands. Actively participate in the conversation
  • Defend any weakness in your resume and come prepared before appearing for the interview
  • If you have any doubts regarding the job profile or any other things, get it cleared at the time of the interview
  • Answer the questions honestly and stay confident during the whole interview. Do not say bad things about your previous job. Instead you can genuinely answer why you left your previous job
  • After completion of the interview, thank everyone in the meeting hall. If there are more than two interviewers¸ thank them individually before leaving the room
These basic but important interview tips will definitely help you in creating a good first impression on the prospective employer.
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